Services are by appointment only at +37061415868.

Line Nr.


Price (Eur)/fee


Visiting the exhibition

Adults (per person)




When the exhibition is not open (per person)




Students, schoolchildren, pensioners and other persons specified in the Ordinance of the Minister of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania[1], upon presentation of documents granting a discount (per person)




Free admission under the conditions specified in the procedure established by the Minister of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania[2] 



Guide service which must be booked in advance

1-hour service in Lithuanian, English, Russian (groups of up to 25 people).



Service relating to the commercial activities of natural and legal persons or their advertising in the premises and on the territory of the museum

Ticketing for events at the box office

10% of the amount of tickets sold


Leases of tangible fixed assets and short-term tangible assets

Hall rental[3] for events and celebrations (duration up to 3 hours; group up to 50 persons)




For each additional hour of hall rental




Piano rental




Sound service




Tablecloths for rent, 1 pc.





For larger groups, as well as for official Museum partners, sponsors, charity events, project activities, the price of hall rental and services is set

by a separate order of the Director


Distribution of souvenirs representing the museum

distribution of souvenirs, postcards, books, etc. reflecting the activities of the museum

Taking into account the market price and the rates approved by the Commission[4]

[1] See p. 1.1 of the Order of the Minister of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania of 31 August 2015 "On Establishment of Discounts for Visiting Museums". The price includes a 50% discount.

[2] See point 1.2 of the Order of the Minister of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania of 31 August 2015 "On Determination of Discounts for Visiting Museums".

[3] * The lessee pays for the tickets and educational activities according to the set rates;


*Rentals include preparation for the event or celebration.

*Additional staff is not included in the rental price;

*Multimedia equipment (screen, computer) integrated in the hall can be used at no extra charge;

*Rentable from 8 am to 9 pm;

* In the event of delays to the installation or to the cleaning work, a charge of EUR 100 per hour of delay (starting after 15 minutes) applies in both cases;


* During the events, the exhibition is closed and visitors are not served.

[4] The Commission was set up by Order No V-118 of 12 December 2021 of the Director of the Samogitian Museum "Alka" "On the determination of prices for the sale of publications and souvenirs".