Participants' ages: pre-school children, schoolchildren, adults.

Objectives: to learn about history and mythology, to understand the meaning of mythology in the human worldview, to develop creativity.

Participants of the educational activity will acquire historical knowledge about the mythology of the late 19th - early 20th century. The participants will learn about the buildings of the Samogitian countryside, people's everyday life and mythology. The mythological character "Kaukutis" is presented by means of an attractive computer programme. A 3D hologram of the animated mythological character Kaukas, who speaks Samogitian, introduces the participants of the education to the mythological creature who "lives" near people, who helps people and who enriches and enriches the earth.

Practical part: during the educational activities, each participant will create a mask on a chipboard or a pebble, using natural materials and take away the main character of the education - Kaukutis.

Duration - 45 min. CULTURAL PASS SERVICE.